Oya celebrates individuality and adventure.  

We believe in empowering women with size inclusive, charmed and elegant fashion. 

Oya shoes are made in standard European sizes 42 to 46 (US/AU/NZ 10-14). See our size guide for more details.

Dreamt up in New Zealand, our pieces are designed especially to suit extended sizes and handcrafted in Italy, for women who know lasting beauty. 


Founder Nicola Garvey created Oya to provide beautiful footwear in extended sizes for her customers who seek shoes they love. 

Nicola puts the customer at the heart of every design decision, ensuring attention to detail in all aspects from heel height to colour and material choices. 

To bring the designs to life, Nicola works closely with a small, family-owned factory in Italy’s renowned shoe manufacturing region, Marche.

Nicola’s vision combined with the Italian artisanal shoe-making tradition, has resulted in a stunning collection of women’s shoes for those requiring extended sizes.

Luxury play for the beauty adventurer.

Conscious crafting

At Oya, we believe in treading carefully for our planet, reflecting our commitment to sustainable practices. 

Our ethos centres around creating quality, classic styles made of the finest materials and offering investment pieces that our customers will wear for years to come. 

Our artisans use time-honoured practices to handcraft our footwear in a small, family-owned factory located in Marche, Italy.  We prioritise small production runs and locally sourced materials, drawing on the region’s tradition and craftsmanship. 

We use recycled materials in our packaging wherever possible and avoid single-use plastic to minimise our environmental impact.